Homer Eon Flint

 Welcome to the world of American literary pioneer and pulp fiction writer Homer Eon Flint.

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Homer Eon Flint (1889-1924) was a true American father of science fiction.  His well-known and revered major works (The Devolutionist, The Emancipatrix, The Lord of Death and the Queen of Life, and The Blind Spot, co-authored with Austin Hall) are still available, not only in e-book format but in multiple creased-cover and dogeared paperbacks from any reprint of those works. These books alone earn him a spot among the forefathers of the science fiction genre in the United States and the world.

But Homer Eon Flint, while honored for his science fiction works and especially his Dr. Kinney series of stories, wrote in multiple genres–mystery, humor, contemporary literature.  He even wrote multiple film treatments for the infant movie industry. And throughout his works, published or unpublished, runs a deep and serious interest in the human condition, and the effects upon that condition of corruption and greed, politics and war, male and female, technology and morality. That intensity has preserved interest in Flint’s works.

From January of 2012 to February of 2013, Musa Publishing will release the entire collected works of Homer Eon Flint–not only the well-known books, but the pulp fiction stories that have disappeared save for a few extant copies of long-deceased magazines, and all his unpublished stories as well.  This site will serve as an adjunct to his books, with biographical materials, correspondence, photographs and other information about Homer Eon Flint.

The Homer Eon Flint collection will be published through the Musa Gold imprint at Musa Publishing. Some subsidiary materials will be available for download on this website or at the Musa Gold main page.


Kicking off the Homer Eon Flint collection was The Flying Bloodhound, released January 15, 2012 from Musa Publishing!

 When an old prospector is murdered, a sheriff must seek unlikely sources to lead him to the killer–from the air.


Will Bastion has been prospecting for cinnabar–the ore that produces quicksilver–for years. Everyone in the valley knows it and most just think he’s crazy. So when Bastian turns up dead in a deserted old mine, most folks dismiss it as an accident.

Except for Sheriff Rogers, who just can’t shake the feeling that there’s some other reason for the old prospector’s death. So begins a game of cat and mouse between murderer and lawman–a game that would end up in a draw if it weren’t for one strange event the Sheriff noticed from his flying bloodhound–his blue-painted plane.