Let’s admit it, summer is the best time of the year. Waking up to the beautiful sunlight, taking a stroll to the beach, time to eat ice cream, dumping those heavy winter clothes, and putting on shorts and dresses, you name it.

This is also the right time to tackle some home improvement projects.

1.  Roof replacement

The best time of the year to replace your roof is during spring. This is right after winter but shortly before summer.

Why is spring the best time of the year to replace your roof?

It is because summer is too hot for roof replacement and winter may be too cold for the same.

One of the main damages that occur to homes after winter is roof damage.

This may be associated with icicles, hails,l and Ice dam formations, or heavy rooftops due to snow loads.

They create a weak and vulnerable roof that may need repair before the hot summer.

Therefore, taking a roof replacement should be on your top list of priorities before summer.

When your roof manages to withstand the heavy winter, you should probably ensure that you have properly checked for damages or minor improvements.

2.  Landscaping

Another home improvement tip you may do before summer is landscaping.

You should prepare your plants and flowers during spring to ensure that you’ve allowed them to use the available sunlight to grow during summer.

3.  Growing a garden.

The perfect time to plant your vegetables in your garden is during spring in preparation for summer.

Design and plan a home garden that includes your favorite vegetables and plants.

Install the required shading for seedlings, connect a piping system to water the plants, purchase the necessary gardening equipment like a garden shovel, shovel, hoe, and other necessary gardening supplies.

4.  Installing outdoor furniture

The best time of the year cannot be sold without relaxation and enjoyment of the warm weather.

You, therefore, need to have a few outdoor furniture where you can sit and relax for the afternoon with your family.

Examples of the outdoor furniture you may want for your front yard or backyard are; some benches, a relaxing hammock, some tables, and chairs or an outdoor dining set, among others.

This will depend on the size of your backyard or front yard and how deep your pocket is.

Sometimes deciding on what furniture to use and from which company to get it can be tough.

For this reason, you might need the opinion of others. I, therefore, suggest that you see online homeware store reviews available at US-Reviews.com.

5.  Building an outdoor shower

If you live near the beach and you often enjoy surfing or swimming during winter, then one way you can improve your home is by building an outdoor shower.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to live close to the beach, you may also build an outdoor shower just to enjoy taking a shower under the natural sunlight.

Improve the air conditioning

Before getting into the summertime, it is only prudent that you ensure your air conditioner is working effectively or is operating as normal because this time of the year make sure the temperature tends to get quite high.

Because most of the time our air conditioner may become dirty or clogged, there is a big need for you to clean and replace it as needed so that it functions well during summer.

Also, ensure you get ceiling fans, and if you have already one ensure that the blades of the ceiling fan are spinning counterclockwise.

This will greatly reduce the need to run your air conditioner constantly.

6.  Checking for water damage and plumbing-related problems.

Very common for homes to have issues with water damage after winter. This is especially so where you had not prepared well for winter.

For this reason, you need to take some time during spring to ensure that there was minimum water damage before getting into summer.

Check for busted pipes if you had left your pipes and insulated before winter.

You may also have blocked gutters or downspouts. You can also use water leak detectors to know whether you leak into your piping system.


This piece might not have covered all the areas of home improvements that you need to do before summer.

What you choose to improve in your home solely depends on your own opinion on what needs upgrading or repair.