Resurfacing your pool can be expensive and challenging, but you want it to be beautiful, easy to maintain, and reflect your style for years to come. It may surprise you to find out that selecting materials to resurface a swimming pool is not that difficult. In fact, choosing the design from so many options can be the most challenging part. Mini pebbles are one of the best materials for your pool because of their durability and stunning results. Mini pebbles are great for swimming pools!

Give Your Pool a Beautiful Aesthetic

Mini pebbles for pool resurfacing come in a variety of colors that enhance any custom-designed pool in Miami. These vibrant colors allow you to express the style that best suits your personal taste and decorating preferences.

Mini Pebbles Surface Offers Intense Durability

Due to their composition and surface texture, mini pebbles are among the most durable materials for pool resurfacing. They are less likely to react to chemicals in the pool, which is why they tend to last longer. Mini pebble finishes are aggregate-style pool finishes that use the smallest possible pebbles.

The Interior of Your Swimming Pool Can Last For A Long Time

The lifespan of a mini pebble finish is expected to be around 20 years. This is more than twice as long-lasting as traditional plaster finishes for pools, which need to be replaced every 8 to 10 years due to their porous nature and susceptibility to cracking.

Mini Pebble Finish Requires Low Maintenance

It is important to maintain your swimming pool in a way that allows you to enjoy it. Pebble surfaces are the best option for a Miami pool resurfacing that requires little maintenance. Since mini pebble finishes are non-porous, they are resistant to staining and require less upkeep. Maintaining the right water chemistry is important for any pool surface.

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