When you look at the hotel industry in the past, you could only see rooms that look exactly the same and were built for practicality and durability. There wasn’t any outstanding design that will be interesting for the visitors. For professionals like George G Couri it is hard not to progress so we can now see many changes being done. There wasn’t a problem when everyone had the same design.

Nowadays, the competition is even tougher because everyone is figuring out a way to attract visitors. The changes don’t happen overnight but it is noticeable. We don’t know what will happen next, but the modern design is here to stay and we can only imagine what will be implemented in hotels just to satisfy their customers. Someone might dislike these changes but there is a good reason for it.

Why Changes Happen?

Every generation has its own ways and culture that it carries. Most of the changes in interior design are made because of how new generations are acting towards it. Millennials are traveling a lot more and hotel owners need to adapt to their needs which means shifts in the industry. Because travel doesn’t mean only getting from one place to another, designers realized it is all about the experience. Travelers are looking for something authentic that they haven’t seen before.

New generations aren’t the only reason why these changes happen, through time, changes need to be made because it is a natural thing. Hospitality is also affected by it and it is considered a good thing. The progress has been consistent and the main focus is on the new technology we have and being environmentally conscious.

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What are the Changes?

One thing is for sure and that’s that hotels are becoming more modern, artistic and interesting. It is very interesting that people don’t have a goal of spending money on comfort it is more focused on extreme designs that might have comfort but must look great. In order to keep up with the trends, they focus on technology, local artists and original features.

The first thing that is noticeable is the color which isn’t so neutral. Most of them try to implement yellow, orange and blue depending on the ambient. The minimalistic design is still trending but it needs to capture the guests’ attention. Another thing that is changes is that texture is more used then patterns. It can look similar just without being overwhelming.

When we look at vintage in the modern world, the difference is small and a lot of people love a design that has a story behind it which vintage designs do have. Going green is something that many people respect, so hotels have seen an opportunity to gain these customers by being more environmentally conscious. This may include small things like bigger windows for more light. They can also implement green roofs and use more plants.

If you want to have a modern design you need some kind of technological component. It’s important to have artistic features but things that interact with your smartphone are good for a start. Besides changing rooms, other areas of the hotel have to be changed like the lobby. The design needs to be felt as soon as they come in. Read more on this page.

What is Next?

It’s hard to determine what trends are coming in the near future but they will for sure focus on local growth. People like to see what resembles the place they visit. The point is on the artistic freedom of local artists. The benefit of this trend is that they are supporting the local economy so they have a lot of local support.

When everyone is trying to be unique, new themes are coming to the spotlight. You now have bubble hotels, airstream and cave hotels that are more like a destination and not something where you came to have a good night’s sleep after a long trip. For example, in Japan, you have hotels where every room is different so even if you visit it again you will have a different experience. And in an odd way, people are accepting it very quickly and adjusting to the change.