Most people think that roofers are people who reach their homes to repair a leaking problem. However, we can differentiate between residential and commercial experts.

Generally, commercial roofers must undergo specific training, which allows them to generate special expertise. Since they work on large buildings such as warehouses, office areas, and shopping malls. On the other hand, residential experts work on smaller projects such as households, which is not the same.

Therefore, if you wish to search for commercial roofing companies to handle your commercial building roofing, the first and foremost thing to ask is experience, and then you should choose based on preferences and specific criteria.

Commercial Roofs are More Significant

As mentioned above, you should remember that commercial roofers generally focus on large buildings used for businesses and companies. Although structures vary based on size and other factors, generally, these options feature tens of thousands of square feet, meaning they require significant labor and plans.

Since the scope and size of the roof, commercial companies must undergo specific training and get relevant experience, which will allow them to work safely. Residential roofers work on households, which does not mean it is the simpler option, because it requires a certain understanding and experience.

However, it is smaller in size, because two-story homes are the most common. Operating on smaller one is simple and does not require the same level of training as commercial options, which is vital to remember.

It Requires Specific Equipment

Scaffolding and ladders are not relevant tools when dealing with several stories tall roofs. That is why you should operate with boom lifts, cherry pickers, cranes, and other types of equipment that will help you reach the height.

These machines will allow you to reach narrow areas and even the most hard-to-reach ones. Remember that most residential experts do not have relevant experience when it comes to operating with the equipment, because the scope of the project can be overwhelming for them.

Generally, they must pass the specialization process that will allow them to reach the needs of clients by making more tailored services that are specifically suited for commercial areas. We recommend you to check here to learn more about commercial roofing altogether.

Completion Time

You probably understand that tackling a specific business building or warehouse may require weeks and even months to complete, while residentials may need a few days and up to a few weeks depending on the scope of the project.

Generally, business roofing is much more significant than residential, meaning it requires more time to maintain, repair, and replace. They are more complex, especially if they come in multiple levels, ventilation systems, and other features that you should consider.

These factors can affect the timeline required for finishing the job, which is why professionals who specialize in commercial buildings must work with a client for a long time until they finish the job. As mentioned above, residential projects are more convenient and you can handle them faster than other options.

Large Teams

You should remember that businesses tend to hire a considerable number of laborers or workers to handle significant projects with efficiency and proper execution. These teams feature project managers, inspectors, engineers, architects, truck drivers, and specialized people who will handle the process.

When it comes to tackling household issues such as repair, or installing the entire thing, companies send a few employees for the process. In specific cases, they will send more than two professionals, which is vital to remember. Business buildings require thorough projects, plans, and collaboration with a few dozen workers in tight areas.

Installation Process

Generally, dealing with the warehouse, for instance, requires a specific type of installation training, especially since they are different. Buildings feature flat, metal, membrane, sloped, solar, and green roofs among others. Each option features a specific installation requirement and guide you must follow to ensure the proper completion.

One of the common examples is bitumen roofing, which is a flat solution, meaning you should install it in layers by using specific types of cold processes, torches, and adhesives. If you create a single layer without following the others, you will cause severe aesthetic issues, while the mistake will affect both performance and durability.

When it comes to households, you should know that professionals will deal with more straightforward installation processes. The main reason for that is that most homes feature single-level roofing systems that feature similar materials. Therefore, they do not have to undergo significant training to become professionals.

Safety Standards

According to OSHA, you must think about safety standards that should follow codes and regulations to a point. That is why dealing with warehouses and office buildings is much stricter than residential counterparts. It is because more people work below this roof, which is why you should reduce the chances of accidents.

Generally, commercial roofers must undergo safety training including fall protection to prevent potential injury from happening. You must get OSHA certification to work on the top of a business building. This certification will present that you have undergone safety training that allows you to work on a specific roof.

Building Codes

Another important consideration includes following certain building codes that will ensure the safety and other factors that are essential throughout the process. The codes come from the International Code Council and will cover each step along the way including material used, installation methods, and other factors that will affect each step.

Besides, you must understand and be familiar with continually changing local codes of the area you operate. If you avoid complying, the chances are high that you will lose your contracting license and get a significant fine. Check out this guide: to understand how to install metal roofing.

Final Word

Similarly, as mentioned above, you should understand that working for a specific company or individual is not the same thing. Companies have more square feet, while the materials are different as well as installation.

They feature different expertise, training, safety standards, and building codes. Therefore, if you wish to find a contractor, we recommend you determine whether they specialize in the type you wish to get afterward.