When you have to heat or cool your house according to the weather outside, it takes plenty of energy, which can cost you a lot. Therefore, one must try to save energy as much as possible, and for this, the measures necessary should be taken. Many people are going for cost-effective solutions in this matter, such as installing solar panels on their houses’ roofs. But these panels require a handsome amount of money at the time of purchase and installation, and many people might not be able to afford that.

So the best thing to do is to check your house and know how power efficient it is. If your house is adequately insulated, the external temperature changes are not going to affect it very much. The most important thing used to provide insulation to the house is the roof, and if the roof is leaky or not properly insulated, there would be no use of heating or cooling the house, and the amount that you will be paying in the bills would be plenty. So here we are to tell you that you can get your roof inspected for the leakages by the professionals like Parker Roofing and know whether everything is going right. They can schedule an inspection of your roof and can tell you about the following factors.

  • Amount of heat gain

If you live in a hot area and your roof is exposed to a lot of sunlight all day, it will naturally have a lot of heat gain, and cooling the house sown would be pretty tricky. On the other hand, if you live in a cold area, the high heat gain would reduce energy bills.

  • Reflectivity

The amount of heat that heat reflects is also a contributor to energy efficiency because the more sunlight a roof would reflect, the lesser it would be heated. A lesser amount of energy would be required for cooling the house. Lighter colors of the roof are more reflective and hence are better coolants.

  • Roofing materials

The materials used in the roofing of the house also play a vital role in either the heating or the cooling of the roof. For example, metal roofs put less stress on the roof than asphalt ones and have several other benefits.

  • Durability and strength

The durability and strength of a roof are also a measure of energy efficiency. The longer a roof lasts, the better would be its strength and the durable it would be.

  • Insulation and ventilation

These two are the essential factors in the energy efficiency of a roof. The better a roof is insulated and ventilated, the better it can help with the house’s locking of energy. So pay attention to the proper insulation of the roof and get it vented so that the energy efficiency could be increased and energy bills could be reduced.