More and more people are having a lawn laid in their back or front gardens. This is because a lawn provides much more greenery in the backyard and this brings benefits. A green garden design provides much more relaxation, and it is also better for the environment. Many people also want to have a lawn because it creates a beautiful look in the garden. Many children love playing on a natural lawn and can really enjoy it. Nevertheless, a lawn needs to be maintained so that it can also stay in good condition.

Lawn maintenance is very tricky to perform, and this is because you need to take several things into account. Namely, you need the right products for lawn maintenance. These products should be of good quality so that they cannot damage the lawn either. For example, there are products for chafer grub treatment, as well as products for fertilising the lawn. Want to know how to carry out maintenance? In this article, we will tell you more about it, so you can learn all about it.


The lawn needs to be able to grow well, and by this, we mean, of course, the grass. The grass needs the right nutrients and minerals. By fertilising the lawn regularly, you can always give the grass sufficient nutrition. This allows the grass to better develop itself and ensures that the lawn is in optimal condition. However, it is important that the grass can absorb the nutrients. This means that there should not be a layer of thatch on the grass, which is why you should scarify it properly. This removes the thatch and allows the grass to absorb everything. This is very important and ensures that the grass can always grow properly.

Sowing grass seeds

If you have many bald spots in the lawn or a low volume, it is important to sow grass seeds in the lawn. This way, the bald spots disappear, and you can ensure that the lawn looks a lot better. Here, it is advisable to buy quality grass seeds, so you can be sure that the grass seeds will germinate. On the website, you can find a wide range of grass seeds. It is important to buy the right kind of seed so that you can be sure that it suits the lawn. For example, you have grass seeds that can grow well in the shade, as well as seeds especially for sports fields.