It is easy for some homeowners to be negligent about certain homes’ features, especially the design and structuring. Bad layout designs in homes are easy to spot for professional eyes, but novices tend to lack the right knowledge to separate a bad from a good home design.

As much as many things could go wrong in home layout construction, we will mention only a few.

This post will highlight some prominent bad home layout designs that you must avoid when searching for a new home.

Bad Home Layout Designs

The thing with bad layout designs is that they tend to be quite disastrous for an occupant. The ventilation or walkway might be wrong, whichever the case this section will show some common bad home layout designs.

Adjoining Bedrooms

Adjoining bedrooms are ones having only a primary single entrance into the room. In lame man’s words, two bedrooms sharing the same single primary entry point. Now, this is one bad layout that is quite confusing and irritating.

It shows that the construction of the house lacked architectural expertise and professional engineering. Owning a home with adjoining bedrooms shows how unprofessional your home looks. Individuals on review sites like have seriously scrutinized this type of design.

Staircase facing home entrance

This is very common in some areas, some people consider it a grand entrance, but it is not. A home entrance must always have a stylish look or design as it gives the first impression to a buyer when inside.

However, some people still believe it gives the home a luxurious look for an entrance. Regardless, you can always ask for expert opinions before selecting what might be the best for your new home.

Long Hallways

No one wants to walk long distances in a dark and long hallway. Homes with long hallways seem like a never-ending journey for new owners. Although you will eventually get familiar with the setting as an owner, it is not a professional look by any standards.

If you are trying to purchase a new home or construct your home, try to keep the hallway length moderate. Your home hallway shouldn’t be looking like a race track; it will drive a claustrophobic individual crazy if the walls are close.

Centralized Dining Room in the House

This layout design is quite inconvenient, making it a bad layout design by all standards. If you need to pass through the dining room for entrance into the kitchen, bedrooms, sitting room, family room, or other areas, that is a badly designed home layout.

The main reason for this is that maneuvering around the dining room to get to the several exits will be difficult even with a large dining area. If you have such a design, avoid it.

Satellite Sitting Rooms

This layout type has to do with sitting rooms with only one entrance from the main access route. This layout is mostly seen in older homes and doesn’t speak modernity whatsoever. Satellite sitting rooms create a disconnect feeling from the rest of the house, making it a bad layout design.

Generally, there are making layout designs that are wrong and unacceptable by any regional standards. The most important thing to notice is your convenience while moving around your home, each room’s ventilation, and space. Always seek expert advice before making fast buying or constructing decisions for your home.