Do trees planted near powerlines pose a danger?

It is dangerous to plant trees near powerlines. It is important that tree branches do not touch power lines as this can cause an accident, fire or electrocution. A tree risk assessment can help homeowners determine whether a particular tree poses a danger.

What happens if a tree touches a power line?

Even though power lines are protected by insulation from accidents, fires and electrocutions still occur. Trees don’t conduct electricity naturally, so a few twigs are unlikely to cause an electrical disaster. As the tree gets closer to power lines, the danger increases. Another factor is the possibility that the tree could be knocked against the powerline due to bad weather. A damaged wire could spark lightning, igniting a nearby tree or home.

Another risk factor is the water content in and around the tree trunk. Water reserves may be hidden beneath many trees that homeowners are unaware of. Water conducts electrical currents, increasing the risk of a power spike that can cause the tree to catch fire. Electrical surges can ignite a fire inside a tree by carrying electricity down from the branches. People can also be electrocuted by trees with electric currents if they stand or touch too close.

Trees touching wires is dangerous!

A tree branch touching a wire can be a safety hazard. There are many risks including forest fires, house fires, and electrocution. Neglecting proper tree care such as trimming or pruning can be expensive. Tree removal can be the best option for homeowners who do not want to maintain their tree.

You should not wait until the power lines start to spit sparks to call a tree service. Most arborists offer free consultations and quotes. These arborists are a great resource when purchasing a home or plant trees. There are many factors to consider when it comes to safely planting trees near power lines. Tree service companies will know the best solution.

Plant trees strategically

When planning a landscape, power lines should be taken into consideration. To avoid safety hazards, it is vital to carefully research the type of plant and its location. Take into account the depth of the roots, the amount of water beneath the soil and height. The utility company may have restrictions on the location of trees in relation to power lines.

Arborists, who are experts in tree care, can help you create a beautiful yard with plenty of shade that’s close to utilities. Before planting trees, homeowners may want to consult with a local tree-care company, their utility provider and their homeowner’s associations.

Arborwise Tree Service

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