Many people are lucky to have a lawn in their backyard. Yet not enough people show appreciation to the lawn. Poor maintenance can quickly make the lawn look bad. When a lawn is used daily, chances are it will have bald patches on it. These bare patches obviously don’t look like much, but fortunately, you can solve this by sowing grass. Many people think that lawn maintenance consists only of watering. This is not true, as there are many other maintenance tasks you need to perform.

To perform lawn maintenance, it is important to buy the right products for the lawn. There are currently an awful lot of providers on the internet selling products for the lawn. It is important to find a true specialist when it comes to lawn products. is a very well-known provider and has a wide range of lawn products. These products are all of high quality and this is important for maintaining the lawn. So, what do you all need? In this article, we will tell you more about it, so you can find out all you need to know.

What products do you need?

There are several products you need for maintaining a lawn. You need fertiliser for the lawn anyway. With the right fertiliser, you can fertilise the lawn so that it gets the right nutrients. This way, the grass can develop better and this is very important. Besides fertiliser, it is also useful to buy grass seeds, but these should be the right kind of grass seeds. For example, you can buy grass seeds for a sports field, but also for a play lawn in the backyard.


Scarification is an important part of maintenance for a lawn. This is because a felt layer forms on the grass, and this ensures that they cannot absorb anything. They can no longer absorb sunlight and this causes the grass to deteriorate. Scarification makes it possible to remove the thatch layer, and it is advisable to use a moss killer for this as well. A moss killer makes the moss disappear, and this is essential for the lawn. It gives the grass room to breathe again, and this is sometimes really necessary for the lawn. You can also buy the moss killer on the website, but there are also different types available here. This way the lawn stays in a good shape!