When looking to build your own wine rack, you need to look for an interior design solution. if you need some wine storage ideas and have an empty area under your stairs. Under-the-stairs wine storage in the UK is becoming a popular addition to homes. Select the appropriate wine racks in conjunction with an interior design expert. Although a dedicated wine cellar is undoubtedly the finest option, attractive storage facilities are an option for people who need more space or plenty of enticing goods to display and quality good wines.


A portable wine rack is versatile and fits under a staircase. It can be taken with you when you move and can be used in other areas of the house as well. You can install a wine rack that can be installed under the staircase in any living area, making it the ideal temperature for wine. Wine cellars benefit greatly from pull-out drawers. They give you the option to properly store your wine bottles in visible, convenient locations without taking up a lot of room. They might be piled one upon the other.


It’s okay if you don’t want to put in the effort to modify your design to fit the shape of the stairs. Installing a wine refrigerator beneath the stairs is one solution. If your stairs have a cabinet, doing this will be simpler. You can regulate the temperature, lighting, and more of your wine in a wine fridge, and it will also shield it from any unwelcome vibrations. Wine chillers are something we advise. They are a fantastic way to show off your collection to visitors and have all the instruments to remove the guesswork from wine gathering and wine ageing.


Naturally, your design is ultimately up to you and your preferences, but it’s also helpful to take your home’s decor into account. A translucent design is frequently regarded as contemporary, whereas a wooden style will typically be viewed as old or even domestic. Your collection can be displayed and kept in style with a hardwood understairs wine cabinet. A triangular wine cabinet has back or sidewall venting options. The refrigeration system vent requires space. Other designs of wooden custom wine cabinets are great places to store your favourite vintages. Glass doors are superior to solid doors in this type of environment and are ideal for contemporary interiors. You can choose from etched, led, bevelled, or art glass doors. To make genuinely distinctive wine cabinet doors for our customers, we also provide furniture trim and customised doors.

A wine cellar is not necessary if there isn’t much room under the stairs or if there aren’t many wine bottles to keep; instead, go for a pantry or simple storage. It can be any shelf you like, as long as its appearance and design complement your space and the staircase itself. You might also choose to install built-in shelving in the stairwell, which will facilitate access. Go for glass doors if you still want to maintain the wine’s exact environment, but stack the bottles, so they have nowhere to enter. Get motivated and style up your wine storage!